The lawyers at Jeremy Carr & Associates work with experience and dedication to provide criminal defence services for people charged with a crime.

Service Areas:

    1. ● Assault
      ● Assault with a weapon
      ● Assault causing bodily harm
      ● Aggravated assault
      ● Breaking and entering
      ● Criminal harassment
      ● Domestic assault
      ● Disguise with intent
      ● Driving while prohibited
      ● Driving while suspended
      ● Drug offences / trafficking
      ● Fraud
      Impaired driving charges / over 0.08 / Refusal - DUI/DWI
      ● Property offences
      ● Robbery
      ● Sexual assault
      ● Sexual offences
      ● Uttering threats
      ● Weapons & firearm offences

Impaired Driving


DUI or impaired driving is one of the most complicated and technical criminal charges. It can be a difficult charge to prove.

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Civil Litigation


The lawyers at Jeremy Carr & Associates are vastly experienced in all types of civil litigation cases including negligence law claims, insurance claims, commercial disputes and employment issues.

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Personal Injury


We have successfully represented many injured victims of serious accidents or medical negligence.

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